We're All About Protein


Q Farms is a pasture based protein farm in the hills of northwestern Connecticut's Housatonic river valley. We currently raise cattle, pigs, chickens, bees, goats and have a 2000+ tree walnut, hazelnut and chestnut orchard.

Our goal is to provide people a diverse, healthful, and regionally appropriate way of meeting their protein needs. 

We believe that a sustainable lifestyle requires us to have a diverse range of protein sources to meet our health needs while protecting the environment and respecting the plants and animals that provide these nutrients to us. We believe that when an animal has healthy food, clean water, pastures to roam, and thoughtful husbandry, they will thrive and produce the highest quality meat. 

We do not use any chemicals on our farm - no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or non-therapeutic antibiotics.  This compels us to have a diverse group of animals and plants that ensure that there is a depth and breadth of diversity to replicate what nature does best.  We seek to create a vibrant ecosystem on our farm that allows all of our plants and animals to thrive.

We are impassioned by husbandry, and care deeply deeply of the well being of our animals from birth to processing. We have a USDA certified poultry processing facility on-site, where we process our own birds.  We are committed to humane processing, and work with other facilities that hold the same values for animals we can't process here.  

We will continue to add sources of protein to our farm over time.  We are planning to add beans, seeds, sheep, and other protein rich foods.

Together, with our community, we believe we can build a sustainable, viable farming business. We will work to stay connected with you, our customers, provide education on the most delicious and sensible ways to prepare our products, and always be open to feedback and conversation about our products and practices, which ultimately, we hope will improve our lives, our plates, our community and our local ecology.

The Team

James Quella

James was born and raised in Chicago and then moved to Southeast Asia and the Near East for nearly a decade.   In the early '80s, he returned to New York City where he had a 30-year business career, culminating in being a senior managing director and partner at Blackstone, James is pursuing his next chapter with Linda building a sustainable agricultural enterprise at Q Farms. 

James’ responsibilities includes support for poultry on pasture, beekeeping and sales and marketing.

Linda Quella

Linda grew up in Northern California.  After college, she found her way to New York City and had a successful career as a CFO working for a multi-billion dollar company.  Feeling the need to learn something new and get back to her roots and her passion for animals, she and her husband conceived the idea of starting a farm.  

At Q Farms, Linda is focused on the care and well-being of our pigs and is also the farm accountant.

Dan Carr

Dan grew up on the front range of Colorado.  After graduating from the University of Montana with a degree in history in 2005 Dan spent one year working on a variety of different farms in Europe. Afterwards, Dan was an Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village in northern Malawi for three years, where he learned how to keep honey bees from a local village headman named Bwana Mgogoninga. 

After the Peace Corps he was an assistant livestock manager and the head beekeeper at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY for 6 years before landing in beautiful northwestern Connecticut with Q Farms. 

Dan manages all aspects of Q farms, and is the farm's USDA poultry processing facility supervisor.


Grant Davis

Grant comes to us with a lifetime of farming and ranching experience. Raised on his grandparent’s farm and ranch in Northern Louisiana, he realized his passion for agriculture at a young age.

While attending Louisiana Tech University, Grant sought out independent internships with veterinarians, equine osteopathists, botanists, master gardeners, and farm equipment technicians in order to broaden his skill set.

After graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Agribusiness, Grant relocated to the great plains of Montana in order to explore a new agricultural landscape. While in ‘Big Sky Country’, he helped farmers and ranchers reach personal ag-based goals. He supported farmers in their transition from conventional to organic practices, helped ranchers reach optimal bovine nutrition and genetics within their herds, and completed ag-based infrastructure projects throughout the small town of Malta, Montana.

Today, Grant is in charge of Q Farms' poultry operations and assists in all other aspects of the farm.  



For any questions or general inquiries, please contact info@qfarms.net or call directly 917-855-5245