115g Protein / Pound

Our cattle are raised and rotated on our pastures. They are 100% grass fed and finished.

Dexter cattle are a smaller breed of cattle, particularly well suited for pasture on small scale farms.  They originate from the southern part of Ireland and are a beautiful,  solid black color. 

Dexter cattle can be used in dual purpose, meat or dairy. Currently, we are raising Dexters for grass-fed beef. Beef animals are expected to mature in 18-24 months and result in smaller cuts of high quality lean meat, graded US Choice, with little waste.

Devon cattle are an ancient breed of cattle from the south western English county of Devon. It is a rich red or tawny colour, and this gives rise to the popular appellation of Devon Ruby or Red Ruby. 

Devons are medium sized triple purpose breed and have the right genetics for being a star performer on grass -- producing nutritionally superior, exceptionally delicious beef.


Our beef is for sale in our on-farm store.