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Seeds & Beans

20g Protein / Bar

We are trialing three high protein crops to add diversity to the mix of protein sources that we provide; heirloom beans, sunflowers, and pumpkins.

All of our crops are grown with a focus on building soil and plant health with cover crops, compost, and foliar feeding. When we do need to use pesticides we use only organic pesticides that break down quickly in the environment, and spray before sunup or after dusk to avoid affecting pollinators.

This year we are growing three varities of dried heirloom beans, Kenearly Yellow Eye, Jacobs Cattle, and Orca. Our heirloom beans are currently for sale in our farm store. 

We are trialing five varieties of confectionary sunflowers with the plan to sell sunflower seeds and include them in our protein bars.

The pumpkins that we grow are relatively uncommon as a commercial crop in the United States, and are called "Hulless", "Naked Seeded", or "Styrian" pumpkins. They have been bred for the seeds rather than the flesh and produce beautiful green pumpkin seeds that we will sell individually and mixed into our protein bars.