From pasture to protein.

Q Farms is driven by creating healthy perennial systems. Our pastures are lush and rolling, and while not all our products come directly from the grass, to us, it is a beacon of soil health, ecosystem vitality, and delicious food. We have a strong focus on raising high-protein foods from both plants and animals. 

We currently raise the following animals and crops:


Q Farms chickens are raised on our pastures humanely, without hormones or antibiotics, and are fed non-GMO grain to supplement the grass and insects that chickens are designed to eat. 

We raise chickens for both meat and eggs, and both kinds of birds spend their entire lives on pasture.

Read more about our chickens here.


We raise 100% grass fed and finished Dexter and Devon cows -  heritage breeds that excel as both meat and dairy animals. 

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Q Farms pigs are pasture raised, and fed a healthy diet of non-GMO grains to supplement the grass, roots, dairy, apples, nuts and comfrey they also eat.  

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Q Farms bees have access to our rolling pastures, fruit & nut orchards and woods. Their raw, unfiltered honey is both delicious and healthful, containing traces of pollen, propolis & live enzymes. It is rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in the wildflowers from which they harvest. Raw honey can also help improve allergies to local pollen sources.

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Nut Trees

Our orchard is currently home to 1500 chestnut, hazelnut and walnut trees.

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