Q Farms is a pasture based protein farm.


Q Farms is located in the hills of northwestern Connecticut's Housatonic River valley. We currently raise cattle, pigs, chickens and bees and have a 2000+ tree walnut, hazelnut and chestnut orchard.

Our goal is to provide people a diverse, healthful, and regionally appropriate way of meeting their protein needs. 

We believe that a sustainable lifestyle requires us to have a diverse range of protein sources to meet our health needs while protecting the environment and respecting the plants and animals that provide these nutrients to us. We believe that when an animal has healthy food, clean water, pastures to roam, and thoughtful husbandry, they will thrive and produce the highest quality meat. 

We do not use any chemicals on our farm - no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or non-therapeutic antibiotics.  This compels us to have a diverse group of animals and plants that ensure that there is a depth and breadth of diversity to replicate what nature does best.  We seek to create a vibrant ecosystem on our farm that allows all of our plants and animals to thrive.

We are passionate about animal husbandry, and care deeply for the well being of our animals from birth to slaughter. We only work with local USDA processing facilities who focus on humane processing and share the same values we do.