120g Protein / Pound

We breed and humanely raise a mix of Heritage breed pigs to obtain a diverse and high quality meat product.

In order to maintain genetic diversity on our farm, we raise three groups of heritage pigs.

Our first group are pure Berkshire pigs. The Berkshire pig was discovered over 300 years ago in Berkshire County in the United Kingdom. The Japanese, known for prizing kobe beef from wagyu cattle, also prize 100% Berkshire pork, calling it kurobuta.

The second group is a mix of Heritage breeds including Yorkshire, Berkshire, Large Black and Tamworth. These animals were sourced from a farm that has been selectively cross breeding pigs to graze on pasture, have good temperaments, make good mothers and ultimately produce a better meat quality and marbling. 

All our pigs are raised in pasture using a hub and spoke pen system to facilitate fresh pasture on a continual basis.  The pigs'  shelter, food, water and wallows stay in a center pad (the "Hub") which we replenish with wood chips. We then regularly open up runs (the "spoke") into fresh pasture for them to graze. In the hottest months we open the spoke into the forest. We have begun a process of Silvopasture which is to combine forestry and grazing of animals in a mutually beneficial way. Our first Silvopasture is being developed from a young forest that had been literally overtaken with invasives.  The goats pre-cleared the area and the pigs followed.  Our goal is to improve soil quality while producing shade and shelter to the animals

In addition to grazing on pasture, our pigs are fed a healthy diet of non-GMO grain from Stone House farm and are supplemented with whey from Arethusa Farm, eggs from our chickens,  and occasional fruit and vegetable treats.   Our goal is to finish the pigs whenever possible on the nuts from our nut trees. We believe this will further enhance and differentiate the meat from our animals

Our method of pasturing pork combined with their diet creates impeccable flavor. When pasture-raised meat is good, it's unforgettable...the meat is dense, but not tough and the fat melts slowly, so  pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor.

Our philosophy is to monitor the health of our animals on a daily basis. We do not use growth hormones or any other unnatural supplements.  For humane reasons, we may administer antibiotics of the pigs health is at risk. 

Our pastured pork is for sale in our on-farm store.

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Raised on pasture.

Raised on pasture.

Our Berkshire breeding stock.

Our Berkshire breeding stock.