Q Farms Pasture-Based

Protein Subscriptions

Q Farms is offering the local community a unique opportunity to meet their protein needs with locally raised, pasture-based products by subscribing to our current season products.

Q Farms subscriptions will begin by providing fresh pasture-raised whole chickens and fresh eggs from pastured hens for a commitment period of 20 weeks.  Our subscription period will last from summer into fall commencing in late May, 2017. All of our chickens are raised on pasture, eating insects, grass, and fed supplemental GMO-free grain from Stone House Farm, and grown without herbicides or pesticides. They live happy and healthy lives.

Q Farms pastured chickens are processed and packaged in Q Farms' own newly constructed USDA certified on-farm poultry facility. The only USDA certified facility in the State of Connecticut. 

You can expect your meat chickens to be an average weight of 4+ lbs and eggs are packaged in one dozen recyclable/returnable cartons. We will guarantee a minimum of 80 lbs of chicken for each chicken subscription.

Later in the year, as our pig and cattle breeding programs progress, the pasture-based protein subscriptions in the fall will expand to include 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork later this summer.

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How it works

  1. Sign up! Fill out the form above by March 31.
  2. Commitment period is for 20 weeks running from late May to mid-October.
  3. Pick up your fresh products (chickens and/or eggs) at our farm store weekly at 63 Jackson Hill Road, Sharon, CT.
  4. If you miss a week due to vacation, don't worry! We can hold your chicken in our freezer and your eggs in our refrigerator for an additional week.
  5. Specific dates that products will be ready for weekly pick up will be provided by early Spring once we know our processing schedule.

Payment options

We are offering multiple subscription options to meet your needs providing better discounts based upon subscription size.--subscription discounts range from 7.5% to up to 15%. Half of the non-refundable subscription price is due at sign up and the remaining half is due at time of first pick up. Of course, we will gladly accept full payment upon sign up.

Multiple payment options are available:

  1. Check by mail. Please send to
    Q Farms
    63 Jackson Hill Road
    Sharon, CT 06069
  2. Deposit check in our farm store cash box.
  3. Credit Card on website (see link)
  4. Contact us directly to arrange payment drop-off.

The advantages of a Q Farms subscription

The quality of our chickens and eggs are exceptional and nutritionally superior. An independent study funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) Program found that compared to conventionally raised chickens, pasture raised chickens had 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories. The pasture raised chickens had essentially no fat in the breast meat, but had 50% more vitamin A and had significant levels of omega-3s, where conventional chickens had none. Our chickens contain omega 3 fatty acids, something your body needs. Up to 30% of their diet comes from the grass they live on, making them a great source for this healthy nutrient.  Q Farms hens roam freely on our farm producing eggs with an excellent taste and structure, which are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and beta carotene.

Upside value, with no downside risk. In the height of summer birds grow quicker and can get up to 6 pounds. You’re locked in at the 4 pound price. We will guarantee 80 lbs of chicken per chicken subscription. 

Q Farms subscriptions reliably guarantee you great pasture-based protein all summer. During the busiest time of our season, we are frequently sold out of all our products. 

A subscription provides attractive discounts from our on-farm retail prices, and significant discounts from local food grocery where our product is sold.

Above all, you are directly supporting local, sustainable agricultural which enriches our planet and supports our local economy.